SCA International Judging Classes

The number of events  judged does is tracked by the computer system when they register.  Those that table captain also receive a credit for that event.  If you sign up and do not attend the event you will NOT receive credit for the event.

Become a SCA Certified Judge and be able to judge SCA events anywhere in the world. The Steak Cookoff Association is the fastest growing cooking organization in the world and we project over 600 events in 20230.

Our class is comprised of 4 parts:

Ribeye 101- Learn about why we love steaks!

Table Captain 101- Learn how to be a table captain.

Ancillary Judging 101 - Learn the judging process for all SCA ancillary categories.

Steak Judging 101 - Learn the entire steak judging process.

Did we mention we taste steaks in class?

If you are a cooker that is new to the world of steak cookoffs, this class is invaluable! Have the entire judging process explained to you by SCA Reps that run weekly competitions.



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Fort Worth, TX  76135


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