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  • SCA events are judged by a panel of judges and will be in a “blind judging” format.
  • Each team is encouraged to have some type of fire extinguishing device in their cook site.
  • The head cook of a team must be 18 years old.
  • The cookoff promoter/organizer will provide all the ribeye steaks for the event in order to create a level playing field.  No other ribeye steaks are allowed at a team’s cook site.
  • ยทThe SCA standard for steaks is a 1 1/8” Boneless Choice Ribeye.
  • Teams are subject to random ice chest inspections by any SCA Representative.
  • Turn in times will be announced at cooks’ meeting, and will not be changed once announced.
  • Teams must sign the turn in ticket at the time of turn in.
  • A spouse of an SCA Rep is not allowed to cook in any event his or her spouse is running. 
  • Grills may be used by more than one cook.
  • SCA Kids competitors are 4-17 years of age.  The parents may start the fire, but the kids must do the seasoning and cooking.
  • In case of a final results tie, the prize money will be split between the teams.  Example: a total tie between two teams for first place.  The prize money from first and second place will be added up and divided between the cookers.  The rep will flip a coin to decide who gets which trophy.  
  • If there is a tie between first and second place, both teams will receive an invitation to the SCA World Championship.  If one team is already qualified, there will be no pass down – only one invitation per event.
  • If there is a total results tie in the top ten, both teams will be awarded the same points.
  • If a number is called and no one claims the award within one hour after awards, the prize will go unclaimed. The final results will not be affected, and SCA Points will remain the same.
  • The head cook must be a member of SCA by the end of the cooks’ meeting in order to be eligible for any added money at events.
  • The winner of every SCA-sanctioned event will be invited to the SCA World Championship. If the winner of the event is not a member at the time of the win, he/she will have until the following Monday at 8am CST to become a member. If the cook does not become a member, the invitation will roll down to the highest placing member (no lower than 10th place). If there are no teams eligible for the invite, then the invite will become an “At Large Bid”.
  • All decisions by SCA Reps at an event are final.
  • Steak may be cooked on any fire or heat source.
  • Head cooks may only enter one entry into the steak category.
  • No other ribeye steaks other than the ones provided to the teams by promoters are to be present at cook sites.
  • Steaks should be cooked Medium (warm pink center).
  • Steaks may be lightly trimmed before, but not after, cooking.
  • Steaks may not be marked or branded in any way. (Grill marks are not considered marking).
  • Turn in one steak, whole and uncut, on top of the provided foil disk. The provided foil disks must be placed in the box, silver side up, and not folded in any way.
  • No sauce or garnish is allowed in the steak turn in box.
  • A compound butter is allowed, as long as it is melted on the steak.
  • There are no size standards for the seasonings on the steak.
  • Pooling of natural juices in the box is acceptable.
Reasons for DQ in steak:
  1. Any foreign object found in the turn in box. (String, Toothpick, Skewer, etc.)
  2. Ribeye steaks other than the ones provided for the event found in team area.
  3. A marked steak.
  4. Steak turned in after the turn in window has expired.
  5. Folded foil disk in the box.

    • May be cooked on any fire or heat source.
    • Teams may enter more than one entry into ancillary categories if they pay a separate entry fee for each of them.
    • Elements of the ancillary item may be pre-cooked, but the turn in must be assembled and cooked onsite.
    • Must use provided turn in box, and the lid must be closed to turn in.
    • Any type of garnish but parsley is allowed to be used in ancillary boxes. Garnish is optional and not a part of the appearance score.
    • Boxes may contain small disposable cups, toothpicks, or skewers to hold food items together.
    • Only 1 type of ancillary item per turn in box.  Sauces and condiments are allowed, and the judges are required to taste them.  The scoring is a composite score of all items in the box. 
    • All ancillary entries with the exception or Ribs, Pork Steaks and Pork Chops will be judged on Appearance, Creativity, Taste, and Execution.
    • Ribs, Pork Steaks and Pork Chops will be judged on Appearance, Taste, Texture and Overall Impression.
    • The order of tie breakers for Ancillaries other than Ribs, Pork Steak and Pork chops are Taste, Creativity, Appearance, and Execution.
    • The tie breaker for Ribs, Pork Steak, Pork Chops are Taste, Texture, Appearance and Overall Impression.
    • All entries should be fully assembled for judging.
    • For mixed drink categories: The participants will provide 2 -16 oz. red solo cups.  Turn in 1 cup fully garnished and 1 cup for tasting.   
    • No desserts may be turned in for the “appetizer” category.
    • SCA Kids rules will be the same as the adult rules.
    • Ribs can be either Spare Ribs or Baby Back Ribs.
    • Ribs, Pork Chops, and Pork Steaks may be sauced.
    • Reasons for Ancillary DQ: 

    1.   A marked box

    2.   Entry turned in after the turn in window has expired.

    • See chart on next page for turn in amounts

Turn In Amounts


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