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Everything you need to know before your first SCA event

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Do I have to be a member of SCA to cook in a SCA event?

No, you do not need to be to cook in an SCA Event.  You do need to be a member to earn any added money checks added to events.  You will also need to be a member to qualify for the SCA Championship featuring the best steak cookers in the world.

What is the typical set up for a team competing in SCA?

The most common set up is a 10 x 10 awning, 6 foot table, grill, ice chest, radio and a couple of chairs.  

Can we bring our motor home to an event?

Most events are 1 day events and do not have room for motor home or travel trailers. If there is room for them, it will specify so on the event page.

Why is there a 30 minute timeline in most cases?

This allows the teams to turn in anytime during the window and helps spread out steaks for the judges since steaks are judged as soon as they come into the judging area.

Do we have to be at the cooks meeting?

In SCA the cooks meeting is important for a number of reasons but most important steak selection is done at the cooks meeting.  Should you miss the cooks meeting you will be choosing your steaks from what is left over from steak selection.

Can we bring our own steak to compete with?

No, the promoter provides the steaks at all SCA events to provide a level playing field for all teams.

What is kind of cooker do we have to cook our steaks on?

You are free to use any type of cooker to cook your steaks on in SCA.  Each cooker however must have his or her own fire source.

How many steak do we get?

The promoter will provide each team with 2 steaks, you will cook both steaks and turn in the best one for judging.

What criteria is a steak judged on?

The steaks are judges on 5 criterias:  Appearance, Doneness, Texture, Taste and Overall Impression.  

What is steak selection?

It is the process by which the teams will select their competition steaks.  Initially done by a lottery, the teams then line up in numerical order from the lottery and choose their steaks. 

Are there water and electric hook ups at these events?

Water and electricity is not necessary for SCA events .  Some events do have limited amounts and it will be listed on the event page for that particular event.

What kind of judging does SCA use and who judges the events?

SCA utilizes a double blind judging process.  SCA utilizes SCA Certified Judges when possible.

How come some events do not let me sign up on the SCA website?

Some events choose to do their own registrations, so we will just post a link to there site or a link to download there entry form.

Can we decorate our turn in boxes?

You can not decorate the box when turning in steak.  On ancillary categories you may decorate the boxes with edible garnish however it is not taken in consideration when judging Appearance.  The appearance score is the appearance of the actual steak, Burger, Wing, Appetizer or Dessert you turn in.

Who wins the SCA Championship rings?

We award two of the coveted SCA Rings a year.  the first goes to the SCA Points Champions for the year and the second goes to the winner of the SCA Championship.

How do I qualify for the SCA Championship?

There are 3 ways to qualify for the 2017 SCA Championship:

  • A.      The winner of every SCA sanctioned event will be invited to the SCA Championship.  If the winner of the event is not a member at the time of their win, they will have until the following Monday at 8AM to become a member.  If they do not become a member, the invitation will roll down to the highest placing member, no lower than 10th place.  If there are no teams eligible for the invite then the invite will become an “At Large Bid”.  Should the winner already be qualified, the next team at the cookoff will get the invitation.
  • B.      The top ten in points that are not already qualified with a win on October 1st, will get an invitation to the SCA Championship.
  • C.   On October 1st the “At Large Bids” will be awarded to the next people in the points chase to replace teams or replace a team from another event.

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