The location and date of 2017 SCA Championship will be released soon!

2017 SCA Championship Qualification Procedure 

There are 3 ways to qualify for the 2017 SCA Championship:

A)      The winner of every SCA sanctioned event will be invited to the SCA Championship.  If the winner of the event is not a member at the time of their win, they will have until the following Monday at 8AM to become a member.  If they do not become a member, the invitation will roll down to the highest placing member, no lower than 10th place.  If there are no teams eligible for the invite then the invite will become an “At Large Bid”.  Should the winner already be qualified, the next team at the cookoff will get the invitation.

B)     The top ten in points that are not already qualified with a win on October 1st, will get an invitation to the SCA Championship.

C)   On October 1st the “At Large Bids” will be awarded to the next people in the points chase to replace teams or replace a team from another event.

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